Autistic parent vs. Autism leaflet

Uh... I had a difficult day as I received a 100+ page document about support for autistic children which pretty much confirms she’s autistic as it’s from the NHS. However I am still waiting for the letter from the doctors with the diagnosis AUTISM in clear writing instead of dancing around it with half diagnosing … Continue reading Autistic parent vs. Autism leaflet


Just a rant

Today I was going to write about how I felt like a parasite and a burden on the community because I’m a stay at home mum with Pebbles. I literally am only living in a flat because of my baby, if I didn’t have Pebbles I would be on the street. Then I watched Bad … Continue reading Just a rant

Chapter 3

Humans are very unpredictable and very contrary. You can love a pair of boots, they become your best friends, they are comfortable and reliable through-out any weather conditions. But then you get tired of wearing the same pair of shoes every day, so you buy another pair. You then think that even though the new … Continue reading Chapter 3

Chapter 1

Chapter One A fresh start. New people. New surroundings. Finally Cara and I get to lead a normal life. No more specialists and doctors. Just two normal teenage girls, going to college. I could feel my heart race as we pulled up in Cara’s parents car. My parents couldn’t make it. Mum was back in … Continue reading Chapter 1


Not all Wicked Witches come with a pointy hat and a crooked nose. Sometimes you can’t see them at all. Sometimes they are inside you. My names Andréa but you can call me Andy. This is my Story. I am about to leave college and embark on adult life. Statistics show that most people leave … Continue reading Prologue