My name is May, but I am commonly known as “Pebbles Mum”. This blog is a space for me to document me and my daughters journey with getting a diagnosis for why she is delayed.


Pebbles was born in the summer of 2014 by C-Section due to pre-eclampsia. Because of complications I was put under a general anaesthetic and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.
Due to her low birth rate and being six week early, Pebbles was kept in the special care unit (The Baby Dungeon) for about ten days before being released. During that time she was fed through a tube for eight days, had Jaundice for two days and had difficulties breathing when she was first born.
Skip ahead a year and she was struggling to meet her milestones. Instead of listening to my Health Visitor who had said she was slow. I still believed she was perfect and didn’t need any extra help. At this point I did receive a lot of help from Pebbles physiotherapist who got Pebbles a “Monkey Frame” (Standing Frame) and Gators (Like splints for your legs) even though I thought it was unnecessary. I truely believed, given a bit more time she would be able to walk.
Another year goes by and Pebbles is still not walking or talking. Devastated and defeated I start receiving a lot of help from Physio Therapists, Occupational Therapists and a new health visitor.
Now I have a whole team of medical professionals trying to get Pebbles the best care she needs. So far she has had blood tests on her liver and thyroid function, eye sight tests, hearing assessments and has been observed by two different pediatricians, who both have diagnosed her with global delay. Which means she is functioning at a much slower rate than a child her age. Most children her age can walk and talk but through no physical fault Pebbles doesn’t.


Before Pebbles was born, I worked as an after school assistant in my local area and enjoyed going out with the girls once a month. The rest of the time I loved reading, writing stories, spending time with my family and occasionally going to gigs.
I was formally diagnosed in 2012 with Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome and told I was not able to have children. It was also noted that I had high blood pressure but I did not receive any treatment for it until after Pebbles was born.
I had been with Pebbles father for six years when we finally conceived. The news affected us differently. His family were shocked and Pebbles father freaked out. My family on the other hand went over board showering the unborn baby with gifts because we had recently lost a young family member and we all needed some good news.
Eventually every body came around and looked forward to our new family addition. Nervously Pebbles father and I went to our first scan. We had not expected to find out we were having a baby girl and in actual fact I was 21 week pregnant!
I had become over weight due to the poly-cystic ovary syndrome and Pebbles was small for her age so I thought I had just put on a little bit of weight.
And the rest is history…
I am no longer with Pebbles father, we respectably parted ways after growing a part. We both now have new partners and live separately. Pebbles lives with me but sees her father on a regular basis.
I hope this blog helps other parents out there who are going through, or are at the start of there special needs child’s journey.


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