Multi-Disciplinary Week

The multi-disciplinary assessment is for all the professionals who have worked with Pebbles plus some others to double check and come together for a true diagnosis for our child. Usually the meetings at the end of the MD assessment week but tomorrow Pebble’s father and I will be walking into a room full of people to discuss our child.
Pebbles week was confined to three days as we had a lot of people involved with Pebbles already.
On the first day we met;
– The speech therapist at the hospital who played with Pebbles and did a few on the tricks that our local speech therapist had taught us with Pebbles to see how Pebbles communicates. One of the tests the speech therapist conducted was holding up pictures of random everyday things and asked Pebbles to point it out to her. The problem we found was that the Speech Therapist had a picture of a cat that looked a lot like Noddy. Every time the speech therapist asked Pebbles a question, Pebbles just reached for the picture she thought was her cat Noddy.
– During our session our Paediatrician monitored Pebbles and wrote down notes about her progress. She didn’t really do any tests with Pebbles as the speech therapist mainly played with her. She did however notice Pebbles had dry skin on her back and I did write down that she was constipated and gave the Doctor gave me some prescription medication for both of those problems. The doctor also was asking about Pebbles reactions and how she stares at lights.
– We had a five minute break, and then we met with the hearing assessment team. Pebbles sat on my lap whilst a lady sat in front of us playing with toys. A second lady stood behind us making different noises at different pitches. The lady in front watched for Pebbles reactions to the noises and judged if she could hear them by head and eye movement. The results were that Pebbles couldn’t hear low sounds but I did mention that we were going back for a more thorough hearing assessment on Friday.
– Then we met with the physio therapist who was brilliant with Pebbles. She sang songs and basically became like a TV presenter which Pebbles loved so when she stretched her feet and tried to engage Pebbles in activities, Pebbles was more than obliged to join in. The conclusion was that Pebbles was flexible, she had tight tendons and a lack of muscle. So nothing new that we hadn’t heard before.
On the second day we just met with the psychiatrist. I had printed out an information pack for all the professionals about Pebbles including everything about the birth and basically a diary about all her appointments and summarised all the outcomes which helped the Psychiatrist. I felt greatly uncomfortable at this appointment because she was asking some pretty personal questions in front of Pebble’s father which I really didn’t want to get into. The conclusion was that Pebbles was at a base line level of 9 to 11 months which is frustrating as this means she hasn’t really progressed since we were told this back in December despite all the effort we all put in to help her. But she’s still a healthy and gorges little girl so who am I to complain.
On the third day, Pebbles father took her to the dentist as I was feel extremely unwell. The dentist said we should brush Pebbles teeth twice a day for two minutes and sent home some leaflets. Which I did anyways but apparently the tooth brush Pebble’s has at the moment isn’t good enough as I went into a full on rant about how I am constantly shelling out money for recommended equipment that isn’t making a great difference to Pebbles life, Pebbles father decided to pay for it. Pebbles father said he wanted to start taking her to a dentist local to him. So I agreed but I won’t be able to take her as it’s a headache to get to his location from mine. It takes about an hour by public transport on a small, packed bus with a two year old with autism; it’s not going to happen. I did it in the past and I struggled.
On the fourth day, even though this wasn’t a part of Pebbles assessment week my mother took her to do a more thorough hearing test. I was still ill at this point and found it hard to get about. This test was different as a team of professionals stood behind a one sided mirror and a lady sat in front of pebbles again, whilst noises and flashing lights were going off behind Pebbles that they again checked for her reaction. The conclusion was that Pebble’s struggled to hear medium sounds and more prominently in her right ear so they will test her again and then may consider putting a little hearing aid in her ear.
So that was the week. I hope this was helpful to some people. I will update with the meeting tomorrow.


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