Get the most out of your appointments

To get the most out of your doctor’s appointments I would suggest bringing these things with you. This saves time and helps the doctors have a better idea about your child.
– A family tree. This is easy to create on excel or you can download a free template online. In my experience a lot of the people who work with Pebble’s ask for this.
– A list of your families medical history, this includes glasses, deafness, diabetes, joint problems ect. This is important as some of these problems may affect your child but do not include any of the medical issues your family has acquired in later life as the doctors aren’t very interested in this.
– Details of the pregnancy and birth. Were there any complications? Did you suffer any traumas in your life during pregnancy? All this needs to be included.
– A short description of all your child’s appointments eg. “Beth* saw a physio therapist on the 4th of March and they said…..”
– If your child has any allergies or problems eating a food diary is helpful. You can do this in word or excel and make a key so you can put a symbol next to the day your child has had vomiting/ diarrhoea for at least two weeks.
– If your child has a sleeping problem you can ask your health visitor of paediatrician for a sleep diary. This will be useful to help you understand where things could be changed.
– A all about me page, I would advise including a picture of your child. I would write down all her/ his likes and dislikes.
– Finally evidence, if you have any concerns about your child record it and show it to the paediatrician or the relevant health care professional. This will help them get a better idea
With all this information this will help all the professionals help you and get a more accurate idea about the child. I did this all on word and on excel and printed it all off to present to all the people we meet which has saved time so we are able to talk about the next steps.

Free Family Tree Templates
Free meal Diary that you can download on your phone
Free sleep Diary


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