How to be beautiful

This morning, a load of videos popped up in my YouTube recommended about plastic surgery. It was extremely odd as I don’t typically watch those types of videos. There were videos about how to look beautiful, about how to hold your-self and how celebrities looked before and after plastic surgery.
I started researching pictures of alternative models. There were plus size models, model with a variety of skin tones and models with physical and mental disabilities. All of them were beautiful in their own right but one thing that struck me, had to be all the models were beautiful not because of their weight, height, skin colour, hair, clothes ect. They were beautiful because they all wore confidence.
The famous actress who played “Baby” from “Dirty dancing” lost a lot of casting roles because she wasn’t confident with the distinctive nose which landed her the role of Baby in the first place. In an interview she said that it was the “nose job from hell”. In another interview she talked about how her daughter commented on how beautiful she was in Dirty Dancing and how different she looks now, Grey replied “But the problem was I didn’t believe enough in myself”.
Typically to be considered beautiful, you must have a small nose, big eyes and plump lips with a slender/ athletic build and wear the latest fashions. I am not saying those people aren’t beautiful. I found those aren’t the ONLY people who are beautiful.
Some stay “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, this is very true. Every person on this planet is unique and beautiful in their own way. But the people who stand out are the people with confidence!
I do not believe beauty is only skin deep, there are so many layers to beauty, the outside is just the start.
If you want to be beautiful, the only tip I can give you is to look in the mirror and appreciate all the differences you have to everybody else and love yourself. Loving yourself isn’t vain, it is admiring what you have instead of comparing yourself to others.
Go fourth and celebrate diversity and be confident about who you are ❤


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