Chapter 3

Humans are very unpredictable and very contrary.
You can love a pair of boots, they become your best friends, they are comfortable and reliable through-out any weather conditions. But then you get tired of wearing the same pair of shoes every day, so you buy another pair. You then think that even though the new boots are really uncomfortable but fashionable, you wonder if you should keep your old boots.
Some people decide to throw the old boots out, some people decide to keep them.
Boots are like friendships.
This is what happened between me and Cara.
“Andy, I don’t know how to say this…
But I don’t want to hang out with you anymore, well not in front of the girls on my course.”
Cara said quietly whilst staring down at her Timberlands.
When did she start wearing Timberlands?
“But we can still ride to college together, my Mum can still pick you up and drop you off…” She trailed off, once she looked at my expressions.
I don’t know what my facial expression actually was… Inside I was conflicted with anger, hate, upset and rejection. I shouldn’t have given her the satisfaction but after shouting “FUCK YOU” I stormed off.
As soon as I got off of college grounds I switched my phone off and just ran.

I don’t know how long I had been running for.
Or where I had ran to.
Where am I?
Sweat was dripped off my forehead, I could imagine the streaks of make up running down my cheeks.
I was in front of a tall, green, paint chipped gate. Either side of the gates were stone cobbled walls as far as the eye could see. Behind me were fields, lots of them. I don’t know how I got here but my only option of getting home would be to see if anybody was behind this derelict gate and infinite wall.
I was stood on an old dirt track road, to get to the gate I had to walk up three loose stone steps. The gate was locked with an old rusty padlock. I took my hammer from my college ruck sack and hit down on it. The lock shattered and crashed to the floor with a bang. The door slowly creaked open to reveal a small sloping pathway surrounded by a thicket of nettles.
I tripped over the loose debris on the path. I rolled and fell down the hill until my body was forcefully stopped by a splintered wooden fence. I could feel my skin itch and crack from every thorn and nettle to brush past me on the way down.
I was lucky, the fence had a lot of gaps from not being maintained I guess, if I had missed this particular post I would have landed at the foot of the five foot drop. I didn’t seem to have any broken bones, though my ankle was swollen.
I saw a ladder leaning against the fence about 10 meters away. I had no choice but to limp towards the twig remains of this potential death trap/ ladder and slowly dangle it over the drop. I was starting to wonder if anybody actually lived in the grounds. If so, they really needed to sack the gardener.
I managed to get down two steps before my ankle caved and SNAP.
I heard hushed tones and barking? Everything went black.
I could feel a warm sticky substance dripping down my face. Was it blood or a dog drooling on me? Even though I couldn’t open my eyes and my body felt numb I could hear voices before finally my mind drifted off to sleep…

Where am I?
My body was throbbing in pain. I tried to lift my head to look at my legs after a few attempts my head fell back defeated. My eyes were dry and itchy and I could feel my wet, cold hair clinging to my body.
I could feel hot panting against my hand. I smelt wet dog?
I had been placed in a four poster bed, the type you see in princess movies with a canopy draped across the top.
After what seemed like half an hour a woman with a lively bubbly voice came from the foot of the bed.
“Hello dear, you had quite a fall in the guest house gardens.” A slim middle aged woman came and sat beside me on the other side of the bed from the dog. She was wearing riding gear and when she pulled off her helmet, long waves of auburn hair fell down her back.
“Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself! I’m Dr Ellie Prine .” She beamed down at me, it’s as if she knew me. Her face looked vaguely familiar.
“An…dy” I stuttered, my throat was hoarse.
“Well Andy, it was lucky me and my husband were walking the dogs around the grounds when you fell. You should really be more careful. I see you met Murphy.” Dr Ellie gestured to the dog.
I could move my head more even though every muscle ached and moaned with the slightest movement. Murphy was a shaggy scotty dog with a big brown eyes.
“Murphy has been sat next to you all evening. He’s a gentle dog. I hope you’re not allergic?”
“No…” I struggled answering.
“Please stay still Miss Andy, you have had a nasty fall and you need to recover. I have given you some codeine to help with the pain.” She stood up and brought a glass of water in a sippy cup to my lips.
The soft cold liquid felt amazing running down my throat. After a few seconds she pulled the sippy cup away.
“I have sent for your clothes to be washed.”
Wait?! What! Where are my clothes! What am I wearing?!
“Don’t fuss, the medicine will be working soon.” She said whilst putting a cold compress against my head.
Once again I drifted off to sleep.

I really need to stop making a habit of this.


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