How to be beautiful

This morning, a load of videos popped up in my YouTube recommended about plastic surgery. It was extremely odd as I don’t typically watch those types of videos. There were videos about how to look beautiful, about how to hold your-self and how celebrities looked before and after plastic surgery. I started researching pictures of … Continue reading How to be beautiful


How to be the PERFECT Mother

• Breast feed from birth, but NEVER in public. • Go out to socialise your child but for the love of cheese DO NOT FEED YOUR BABY IN FRONT OF ANYBODY! • If you bottle feed, prepare for scolding stares from people walking by as you feed your baby cows devil milk. Even if you … Continue reading How to be the PERFECT Mother

Chapter 3

Humans are very unpredictable and very contrary. You can love a pair of boots, they become your best friends, they are comfortable and reliable through-out any weather conditions. But then you get tired of wearing the same pair of shoes every day, so you buy another pair. You then think that even though the new … Continue reading Chapter 3