Chapter two

The first day went slow; I had never watched a clock so intensely in my life.
Mr Harrington introduced himself as our tutor; he was a stocky man in his mid-forties with an extremely red face. I hadn’t known this small group of lads for more than a minute but we all had a silent understanding that it was a bad idea to annoy Mr Harrington.
“Right!” Mr Harrington said abruptly before sitting down in his chair.
“Welcome to Engineering Level 2.” His voice softened as he looked over at me before looking down at his register.
“You must be Miss Teal, is that correct?”
“Yes sir..” I said whilst forcing eye contact. At school we were prepared by the teachers on how to integrate into society. We learned how to spot social queues and techniques to help with simple things like eye contact and tone of voice. Like I had noticed Mr Harrington’s voice soften but I didn’t know why.
He cleared his throat and took the register. We next had a power point on what the course entails before having an empowering lecture about a successful student who went to work for NASA.
Of course I was the only girl in the class. I knew I would be before I started because this is a predominantly male industry. The first thing my Nan said when I had told her what course I had applied for was “Don’t you think you would prefer to apply for Health and Beauty or Childcare?” I love Nanny, so this didn’t annoy me too much.
For the majority of the day we played “team building activities”. For about three hours we got into order of height, age, last name ect. We also toured the campus and got our time tables. I was relieved to leave at the end of the day. Too much socialisation.
When I met up with Cara, we realised on Thursday we had the same lunch break. I was so happy that I could see her at lunch! But the rest of the week I would be only able to see Cara before and after college. I had a weird feeling come over me. I had spent years seeing Cara every day and Now I would only see her for a short time three days a week. I fiddled with my charm bracelet. I could feel the “witch” coming out.
“Andy!” Cara yelped and grabbed my hand, I felt safe again. I had narrowly missed the witch. Cara’s parents pulled up and we got into the backseat.
“Hey girls, how did your first days go?” Asked Cara’s mother beaming in the rear view mirror.
We sat quietly looking out of the window in the back seat. Cara’s mum had become use to our “silent times”.
“Well girls, I think you both deserve a MacDonald’s! I hope that’s okay with you Andy?” This time she turned her head to look directly at me. I gave her a quick smile before continuing to watch the world go by. She always took a smile as a yes. The drive to MacDonald’s always made me happy as we got to drive along the river.


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