Not all Wicked Witches come with a pointy hat and a crooked nose.
Sometimes you can’t see them at all.
Sometimes they are inside you.
My names Andréa but you can call me Andy.
This is my Story.
I am about to leave college and embark on adult life. Statistics show that most people leave their parents when they’re 30. I can’t. My Mother is ill and she can’t support me anymore. I wish I could support her.
I know I make life difficult for my Mum, sometimes I can’t control how I feel and end up harming myself. My Dad said it’s as if I become a “witch” trying to burn myself on my own steak.
Since my Mothers illness has gotten worse, the “witch” comes out more often. My parents love me. They would do anything for me. But I am afraid I am making my Mums condition worse. I have to leave and get my own place.
I know a lot of people in my position become severely depressed. My best friend who has the same set of behavioural issues as me tried to commit suicide and ended up sanctioned at the local mental institution for half a year.
It doesn’t help that people don’t understand. The more we try to act like them, the more we try to hide the “witch” inside of us, the worse it becomes. I remember on our first day of college like it was yesterday…


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