Chapter 1

Chapter One

A fresh start.
New people.
New surroundings.

Finally Cara and I get to lead a normal life.

No more specialists and doctors.

Just two normal teenage girls, going to college.

I could feel my heart race as we pulled up in Cara’s parents car. My parents couldn’t make it. Mum was back in hospital again. I fixed my make-up, my mask and gave Cara’s Mum a hug before getting out of the car.
Cara is my best friend, my only friend. Cara is studying Art and I am studying mechanics, so our classes had completely different schedules on different ends of the campus. The likely hood of bumping into each other during the day was next to nil.
The tutors had sent our class schedules a week in advance as they knew that the “witch” would rear it’s ugly head if we were to anxious.

This reminded me of the conversation Cara and I had during the summer. Cara’s parents had taken us to the beach. We led on our towels next to each other.
Somehow we had managed to find a secluded spot away from the crowds whilst Cara’s Mum and Dad sat in a small ice cream shop about 100 meters or so away.
Wind gently caressed my skin as I led back on my beach towel. The sun gave off a warm heat, the kind that didn’t boil and blister the skin. This was heaven. It was as if my body had blown out a deep breath that I had been holding all throughout our exams.
As I was about to drift off, Cara nudged me awake.
“Andy? I’m worried about college. What if people think we are weird?”
“Then it’s there loss” I shrugged.
Cara was more self-aware and hated the way people looked at her, where as I had learned to block people out from a young age.
“What happens when the witch comes out?” Cara asked worriedly.
I sat up and looked at her, Cara’s eyes were wide and her bottom lip quivered like a scared child.
“We will deal with that if it happens, Cara we always have each other.”

Looking back now I wish I had the confidence I had then, on the beach, alone with my best friend. Now faced with ginormous stone blocks and students swarming to get to their first class of the term, I didn’t feel so brave.


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