The Monkey Frame

This is when Pebbles first started to go into her Monkey Frame. As you can see her feet are slightly turned in because she hated putting weight on her feet. She is also wearing her Gators to ensure her legs are straight whilst she’s standing.

I am not a saint. To get her into this chair I have to bribe her with food. It has been difficult to say the very least to make this a part of our daily routine. I can say with satisfactory that I now BOSS getting Pebbles in and out of her Monkey Frame with little resistance.

Pebbles still does not stand or walk which means the tendons in her feet are tight and she has less muscle than most children her age in her legs but the muscles in her feet have become more flexible and her legs have become stronger. The next step is to get her standing without the frame because carrying Pebbles about gets exhausting. Especially in places where push chairs are difficult to get through or up and down stairs. I am optimistic she will walk as she has shown signs of wanting to stand but if she doesn’t, meh we will find a way around it.


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